Pistons in the NBA

Anna Ledermann, Staff Writer

As the NBA playoffs continue, the Detroit Pistons will not be a part of it. The team’s official ending record was 41-41, after losing to the Milwaukee Bucks in the playoffs.

The last game before the playoffs, Blake Griffin, one of the team’s most prized players, was unable to play due to a knee injury.

The 30-year-old basketball player joined the Pistons team in 2018, but even as a new player, many fans see him as the best. Griffin also did not play in game one or two of the playoffs, but he did go in for some of games three and four.

Many strong Pistons fans believed this is one reason why the team lost to the Bucks.

“It’s like an airplane flying without a wing because Griffin carries the team,” said Lon Turner, 12.

Griffin being unable to play in the first two games of the playoffs may have greatly contributed to how the team played.

“Blake Griffin is the best player on the team, because he’s insane on the court, and brings good leadership and winning mentality to a team that struggled to even make the playoffs,” said Blake Ryntz, 12.

Although the team’s most valuable player was out, the Pistons still had other talented players and a strong team foundation. Even with this, though, the team had to learn to adjust to new players on the court and work together to try to win.

The other lead players had to do the best they could to make up for losing Griffin.

“Andre Drummond needs to box out and get rebounds, and stay low in the point. Reggie Jackson needs to make shots so they don’t miss the absence of offensive rebounds,” Turner said.

Pistons fans also felt the Bucks had an advantage by playing at their home stadium.

“The crowds energy always has an effect on the game. It was especially brutal because the pistons started a player that was traded from the Bucks, and the entire state of Wisconsin kind of rallied against him,” said Lauren Valli, 12.

After four games in the playoffs, the Pistons were taken out of the playoffs. Coach Dwayne Casey was just proud of the team for making it to the playoffs, but the last time the Pistons won the NBA championship was in 2004.