FHS track off to a fast start

Christian McDowell, Staff Writer

FHS track crushed North Farmington in the meet on April 10. Now they look to carry the energy further into the competitive spring season.

During track practices, students sprint on the track and work on strides as well as practice their relay handoffs, according to sophomore student Brooklyn McDowell. McDowell runs with the girls relay team and who is trying to improve their handoffs, which has seemed to help when the girls won their first 4 by 1 against Seaholm.

Students also practice their block starts at practice. When the coach is feeling nice, they play music for the athletes to practice to. Track athletes have to wear shoes with spikes in them in order to run.

“My goal for track this year is to make it to states,” McDowell said. The track team never reached states last year and are determined this year as they rally behind top track athletes like Jaden Sikora.

Sophomore Zach Gaines said if he were given the chance, he would run track in college. Gaines has been running track since the eighth grade at Power Middle School. Many students run track in high school for fun while others hope to continue running further past high school. McDowell is one of the students who is planning on participating in AAU track.

“My favorite event is the 400m dash,” Gaines stated. His personal record in that event is 52.50. He also like the 200m with a personal record 23.17, Gaines has been running the 200m since 8th grade When athletes were asked what the hardest event was the 100k.

McDowell has never ran the 100m dash, she has ran the 4 by 2 but hasn’t made it to states yet. Senior Tysean Scott’s favorite event is the four by one.

“Jacody Sikora is the fastest boy on the team, and Caprice Johnson is the fastest girl,” said Scott. McDowell also agreed with this statement adding how Johnson is on her relay team. Sikora and Johnson both run AAU track and both have won awards outside of FHS track. With these two leading the charge FHS tracks future is looking bright.

“I ran track because, I just ran all the energy I had cooped up in my body during school out on the track,” Gaines explained. FHS track has had an amazing start to their track season and is beginning to making noise for what looks like an historic season.