Varsity Boys Bowling team wins first state championship


After the finals match, Coach Dennis Hermani, Blake Ryntz, Jonah Musial, Christian Dorsey, Devin Osborn, Ryan Wrubleski, Sean Ronald, and Evan Yaros (left to right) were all smiles after winning the bowling state championships. Photo Courtesy of a bowling mom.

Micah Eans, Staff Writer

The Varsity boys bowling team won the 2019 state championship on March 1 at Thunderbowl Lanes in Allen Park.

This is the first time Coach Dennis Hermani has had a Varsity boys team qualify for states and win the entire event. The boys endured a tough day in eight Baker games and two regular games. A baker game is when five team members are combines to bowling under one name, so there are five athletes splitting ten frames.

Even though the team beat many of their opponents, they didn’t do so well in a Baker game which could have jeopardized their entry into the match play round. The athletes had to participate in a racket head to head match play to determine the last two teams who move on to the finals. After waiting an hour for the qualifier results, the Varsity boys  advanced to the match play round, passing the cut by five pins.

The boys entered the match play round with a brand new attitude. They were fired up and ready to take on the opposing teams. Conquering every team they faced, the boys ultimately made it to the finals round where they defeated the Oxford team, earning their first state championship. Senior and co-captain of the varsity team, Blake Ryntz, started crying once the team realized they had won.

“I felt numb after we won states. I was so happy with emotion but upset because I realized I was bowling my last few shots I’ll ever bowl with my teammates and for my team in high school ever,” Ryntz said.

Last summer, the bowling team suffered the loss of assistant Varsity Coach Bruce Doran. Doran helped Coach Hermani with the students, where he improved more than just their bowling skills and treated the athletes as if they were his own children. Evan Yaros, senior co-captain, worked with Doran his entire high school bowling career and was determined to make this win count for him.

“I was shocked and relieved we won because I was told by Coach Bruce that I would win states this year and I wanted to make sure I did,” Yaros said.

Consequently, bowling means a lot to these boys. To these boys, bowling is not just a game or an after school activity to pass time. According the Ryntz, it’s a lifestyle that shows the true strength and ability to deal with pressure.

“Bowling shows people a true athlete. I believe that because it combines a physical and mental game to able to win,” Ryntz said.

Overall, the boys finished with an 11-1 record. To sum up the season, Ryntz quoted a statement repeatedly used by Coach Hermani to motivate his team: “It’s never over until the last shot is thrown.”