Need to pay for college? Apply for these crazy scholarships


Serena Keller, Editor

Did you know that you can win a $10,000 price just for creating and wearing a duck-tape prom dress or tux. According to, there are 199 more crazy scholarships that anyone can apply for, from being a coffee addict to planning for the zombie apocalypse.

Only 23 percent of college costs are covered by parents which means that the other 77 percent has to be covered by the student – no easy task. To add, 84 percent of students with loans have to pay back their loans by themselves.

Many students depend on grants, scholarships, and financial aid for when they go to college. A lot of people may think they’re not smart or sporty enough to apply for scholarships, but some scholarships apply to less traditional students.

Everyone has a weird talent, gift, or idea. What if you could actually get money for your weird talent? Below is a list of a variety of different scholarships that students may qualify for:

  • Stuck at Prom Scholarship: $10,000
  • Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship: $2,000
  • Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship: $10,000
  • Doodle 4 Google Competition: $30,000
  • Amish Descendant Scholarship: varies
  • For the Love of Chocolate Scholarship Foundation: varies
  • Coffee in My Veins Scholarship: $1,000
  • Flavor of the Month Scholarship: $1,500

One of the scholarships offered is called Flavor of the Month Scholarship; students pick a flavor of ice cream they would want to be and explain why. This is a very different type of scholarship than usually seen.

According to Unigo, a website that has different scholarship opportunities, the Flavor of the Month scholarship “allows for students to take an inward look at themselves and express themselves in a creative and fun way.”

Stacey Rosol, counselor, has seen numerous kids apply for all different kinds of scholarships in her 22 years at FHS. One of Rosol’s students once won a scholarship from the Tip Toppers Club for simply being tall. Tip Toppers Club awards up to $1,000 to senior girls that are 5’10” and senior boys that are 6’2”.

Rosol has helped students find great scholarships, not just the academic and sporty students, but also the kids with a creative, artistic mind.

“It is worth the effort to apply for any scholarship. There are many scholarships nobody applies to, and it takes less than Two hours,” Rosol said.