Gender and Sexuality Alliance spreads awareness, acceptance


Jelani Clinton

The GSA club all together for a Tuesday Meeting. The main goal of GSA is to have a fun and safe environment.

Serena Keller, Editor

This year’s GSA club changed the name known as Gay Straight Alliance to Gender Sexuality Alliance.

The name was changed to involve all sexualities and genders. Tracy Kendall, psychology teacher, is the advisor of the club.

“Changing the name included everyone on the LGBT spectrum,” Kendall said.

GSA meets every Tuesday after school in room 411. Seniors Abbegale Jones, Haley Roden, and Serena Keller lead GSA.

The club is a safe environment for people of the LGBT+ community and allies of the community. It is a place students can go to educate themselves on LGBT+ terminology, discuss LGBT+ issues, watch LGBT+ clips/videos and bond through games. They also plan events throughout the year.

Roden, along with the other senior leaders, worked to set a good example for the next year leader’s and club members.

“I hope my impact will be giving people a safe place to come learn or get help…to be with people who accept and understand them,” Roden said.

Ian Cruz, 11, is a current member of GSA. He joined the club to meet new people, discuss LGBT+ issues and educate himself on LGBT+.

“GSA helped me feel safe enough to come out to my parents and feel more comfortable in place at school,” Cruz said.

The club has done a few things to spread the LGBT+ community around school: putting posters up about GSA, maintaining an Instagram account @fhsgsa1, the bake sales, and upcoming wristbands in the future.

GSA’s November bake sale raised money for a LGBT+ homeless shelter, the Ruth Ellis Center. On March 28 GSA will host another bake sale.

GSA will fundraise again later this year, selling rainbow silicone rubber bracelets that say “Gender Sexuality Alliance.” All proceeds will continue to go to the Ruth Ellis Center.