TV shows people should watch in the winter

Azuare Singleton-Moton, Staff Writer

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During the winter, more people are staying inside and watching more TV due to the harsh, cold weather outside.

Thankfully there are plenty of TV shows out there for everyone. With all those different shows, it is hard to know what is going to be good or not. So here are my top three recommended shows to watch this winter.

Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama that focuses on a group of interns at a Seattle teaching hospital.The show follows Doctor Meredith Grey, daughter of a famous surgeon. She goes through many professional struggles as long as many personal struggles.

Elite Daily reports, “It’s taken fans on an inspirational and emotional journey of a lifetime.”

The creator of the show, Shonda Rhimes, is always throwing us a curveball. Grey’s Anatomy pulls you in and engages you. Grey’s is not only proof of amazing acting but also medical brilliance. The medical aspect of this show is very thought out and astounding. Grey’s just reached its 300th episode, and you can’t do that without an outstanding cast (Ellen Pompeo, Justin Chambers, James Pickens Jr.,etc.). Grey’s is a show for the ages.

The Punisher is action packed show that follows the story of Marine veteran Frank Castle. After the murder of his family, he became a vigilante known as “The Punisher,” doing this with one goal: to avenge his family’s death.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, The Punisher received a high average of 4.6 out of 5 stars in audience scores.

The Punisher is a dark show that does a great job of depicting what Frank Castle is going through. Actor Jon Bernthal (Frank Castle) does a great job depicting the hurt and pain that Frank goes through. The Punisher goes back and forth through flashbacks giving an inside look at Frank’s life before his family died. Although this show only has one season, it shows great promise.

The Crown is a drama series based on the royal life of Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ. The story starts out in the 1940s then progresses to modern times. The Crown follows the political rivalries, the romance, and the events that shape history.

Rotten Tomatoes says users should watch it because, “as one of the most decorated series of the 2016–17 season, The Crown should be mandatory viewing for anyone with not just an interest in world history and the British monarchy, but an interest in first-rate prestige TV.”

The Crown naturally looks very beautiful. It is also compelling, well-executed, and well-written. There had to be a lot of research involved to have the storyline be so accurate. There was no expense spared in the creation of this amazing series.

Three great strong shows all found on Netflix, easy to binge and fun to watch. Make sure you stay warm.