Gifted alumnus commissioned to write piece for auditorium opening

Azuare Singleton-Moton, Staff Writer

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Adam Cuthbert, Farmington High School alumni, was recently commissioned to write a  musical piece for the opening of the new Farmington High School auditorium.

After Farmington, Cuthbert went on to pursue a bachelor’s in music composition at Grand Valley State. Now, Cuthbert gets the chance to go back to his old high school to share his musical gift.

“This came as a cool moment for me,” Cuthbert said.

He had also, at the time, been commissioned to write music for Grand Valley State’s next album project. So Cuthbert was getting the chance to collaborate with another alma mater.

“I’m getting back to my roots to share a little bit of what I’ve been up to since graduating,” he said.

Cuthbert named his commission piece “Clover.”

“I wanted to have something region-specific into the piece, but I didn’t want to touch any existing music, like the fight song. Instead, I thought about something unique to Michigan that I don’t ever see in New York.  “Clover” is named after the highway clover structure where on-ramps and exits create a four-leaf clover shape. The piece is about a moment where, without precedent or external reassurance, you just have to let your intuition lead your moves,” Cuthbert said.

Clover works to highlight our new auditorium sound system.

“In our initial discussions, Mr. Steele and I wanted to make use of the new auditorium’s brand new sound system,” Cuthbert responded.

“Clover” is very different than any other piece the band has performed this year.

Tavis Rush, the percussion leader, think that the piece is more difficult than past playing pieces.

“Most pieces that we have to play, are not all on off beats, and there is a mix a duple and triple timing,” Rush said.

While in high school, Cuthbert was very involved.

“I spent a couple years in every music org – symphony orchestra, musical orchestra, jazz band, marching band. Chess club, bowling team, and art club all for brief moments as well,”  Cuthbert said.

He is still very active with his free time.

I like video games when I have the time (Destiny and Persona are my jams this year). During the warm months, I commute to work by bicycle. I’m constantly listening to and looking for new music. My favorite food is ramen,” Cuthbert said.