Falcons basketball soars past Pontiac in first home game

Daniel Heffron, staff writer

The Falcons boys basketball team had its first home game on Jan. 11 against Pontiac. For the seniors, this was their last-first home game to ever play as Falcons.

Going into the game, the team had a record of 1-4. Despite the record, the boys were focused on the game they had ahead of them.

Senior point guard Bashar Shalal noted his emotions before playing this important game.

“It feels right,” Shalal said with confidence.

Shalal then touched on how the season has been going thus far.

“We got off to a rough start, but we’ll bounce back. You know what I’m saying,” he said.

The boys knew they had to play their game to defeat a strong Pontiac team. A loss was not in anyone’s game plan, especially head coach Terrance Porter.

Coach Porter had the same plan as the rest of the games to set the boys up for success.  

“Nothing different than what we emphasize every game,” he said. “Defensively: defending without fouling, rebounding, contain dribble penetration, ball pressure and contest shots. Offensively: execute, have great spacing, share the ball, ball movement and player movement, take and make high percentage shots.”

The boys knew they had to win this game.

And bounce back is exactly what they did. The Falcons came out on top in a hard-fought battle, winning 65-56. The Falcons were led by Ray Bryant and Jaden Akins who dropped 28 points a piece.

Senior captain Christian Smith was happy with the team’s performance.

“We came out strong,” Smith stated.  

Pontiac put up a good fight keeping it close until the last couple minutes, but clutch time was in favor of the Falcons. With great defense and even better offense, the Falcons took control of the game leading them to a great win. With the win, the Falcons got their record back on track to 2-4.