Trade schools may offer another path for graduating seniors

Myka McClenic, staff writer

As a high school senior, I have been pushed to take the SAT to prepare me for college. No one has ever made me aware of trade schools and what they have to offer. My guidance counselor alway told me that a university is the best choice for me if I wanted to further my career. In my case, trade school still wouldn’t have been an option, but to at least know that is and was an option would have been nice. Students should be encouraged to expand their options and see all the available opportunities.

In high school, there isn’t a real push to look at trade schools. Teachers and some parents encourage students to go to a four-year university because they want kids to further their education, but what they don’t think about is how a trade school is just as reliable as a college. Trade schools are cheaper than a 4-year college and students spend less time in which, which means quicker entry into the job market.

According to “My College Guide,” an online website that informs students about after high school options, trade schools can be an excellent option for those who already have a clear idea of the career path they want to purse. For a career such as a dental hygienist, it would only take two years instead of going to a college for four years  

Showing kids what trade schools have to offer for their career could get them to start looking and planning. If they look up the cost of a trade school versus a regular four-year college, they would be saving money and getting a great education.

Also, once enrolled in a trade school, classes that are based on that set profession will immediately begin. That would be an advantage for some students because no one would want to be stuck in college for that long. It would give them the advantage of getting into the workforce earlier than most students. estimates that a trade school graduate will make about $42,000 per year. Over the course of thirty years, the difference in total salary between a trade school graduate and the four-year college graduate is only $90,000.

For some students that might be the push they are looking for to consider going to a trade school.

When teachers, counselors, and parents push their students to do what they want, they are actually talking about a university being better than a trade school, but now this new information that I have provided will show students that instead of doing what you think your parents or teachers want, you can have different options for your future.