Alabama destroys another team’s dream again

Elijah Robinson, Staff Writer

Alabama won their 11th national championship on Jan. 9 in an overtime win against Georgia. They came back from a 17-point deficit to tie the game late in the fourth quarter to send it to overtime.

Tua Tagovailoa threw a 41-yard touchdown to DeVonta Smith in overtime to give Alabama its 5th national championship under Nick Saban.

Not everyone was happy about Alabama winning the national title again. Long-time Georgia fans probably had a tough night.

Delmon Sewell, 11 had his thoughts on the game.

“The calls were terrible. We would have been up 30-3 if not for the officials,” he said.

Georgia was on top mostly the whole game, giving Alabama their worst first half in school history. Jalen Hurts was taken out in the second half and they put in freshman Tagovailoa to start.

Tagovailoa was just the pick-me-up Alabama needed to get started going on a 20-7 run to tie the game.

“Even though we lost Im glad was a good game well be back next year, I can promise you that, “Sewell said.

While mostly Farmington students were going for the underdog Georgia, Jeffery Williams,11, had no doubt that Alabama would take the win.

“Georgia fans are  just making excuses because Georgia lost, and they don’t want to pay me my money but I didn’t expect them to anyway,” Williams said.

Everybody can say Alabama cheated or whatever they want but the fact of the matter at the end of the day they won. The Crimson Tide overcame adversity to emerge victorious and reclaim their spot atop college football once again.

“It’s Alabama. Why would you ever doubt them. They’re like the Patriots of college football,” Williams said.