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Studio art students paint ceiling tiles for hallway

Sarah Ericksen, staff writer

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For the past two years, students enrolled in advanced drawing and painting (2,3,4) and studio classes have been tasked with a project where each student chooses an artist and paint a ceiling tile to put up in the hallway.

Nina Weis, art teacher, just started this project two years ago with her students.

“I had a class when I was doing my masters degree. I was studying art about art and whether the art is improved by choosing a famous artist. What initially inspired me to do this was my master’s thesis and one of our students last year said that is was a great idea to do something that will be displayed out in the hallways so ceiling tiles seemed the way to go,” stated Weis.

Alicia Black, 12, a studio art student, came up with the idea that the students should make something to display in the hallway.

“I went to another school to see a play they were putting on and noticed that they had the ceiling tiles painted. I thought it would be a really fun project and would brighten up our school,” Black stated.

Many student really enjoy doing the project for many different reasons.

“I really like doing this project because I never really get to paint on my own free time, so it gives me an excuse to explore the world of painting I don’t get to see very often” stated Gabi Caldwell, 12. Caldwell has had art classes for four years at Farmington.

The students choose an artist they base their ceiling tile off of so they can express themselves through other’s art.

“My artist is Victor Moscoso. I really like the techniques he uses like the colors that are usually neon and electric in comparison to other works of art that use muted colors,” Caldwell stated.

The project has only been a part of the curriculum for the past two years, so to many students it’s a new experience.

“I hope that if students either go on and make art or if they go on and they choose not to make art that they have an aesthetic of appreciation. Just looking at what someone can create and how it can affect others, I think the understanding of that is important as the artist or the viewer,” stated Weis.

The ceiling tiles can be seen during the second semester in the art hallway.


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Studio art students paint ceiling tiles for hallway