Track coaches host pre-season conditioning

Joseph G. Phillips Jr, Staff Writer

With track season quickly approaching, pre-season conditioning kicked off the running season on  Jan. 8. Coaches Chip Bridges and Kim Adams have selected specific  days to prepare their athletes for success.

Bridges will take the sprinters and jumpers on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Adams will take the throwers in the weight room most days.

Jaila Brooks,12, is a four-year sprinter on the Farmington High track team.

“I will be attending conditioning and I will mainly be focusing on my running form,” Brooks said.

Brooks has set individual goals for herself this season, including going to States by herself in individual events and getting her times faster.

Bridges expressed that he doesn’t exactly have a goal for any specific person or a goal for any specific group of kids; he only wants improvement.

“Our goal is for everybody to improve; as long as everybody is getting better, the team will be better,” said Bridges.

Adams focused in on her throwers and the field side of track.

“I want to see improvement in athleticism, competitiveness, being a better teammate, and winning. If you do all four of these things, how can you say you had a bad season,” said Adams.

The season is looking bright for Bridges and Adams. The team is  loaded with younger kids such as sophomores and juniors, so Bridges knows he will need to focus more on fundamentals for the best results for their team.

“We’ve learned to be a little more patient for the younger kids on the team and teach them technique before anything,” said Bridges.

Speaking of younger kids, the coaching staff stressed that they are looking for everybody to come out for track. Even I (Joseph) am welcome back to the team.