Athletes condition for upcoming spring season

Caitlin Sheltrown, Staff Writer

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Whether it’s track, softball, baseball, or soccer, conditioning plays a huge factor in how an athlete performs. As the spring season creeps closer, athletes around FHS are preparing themselves through rigorous workouts or simple weightlifting sessions.

Robyn Banks, 12, pitcher for the varsity softball team, is no stranger to the demands that conditioning requires.

“If you want to be good you need to put the effort in. That includes conditioning your body to have a certain level of endurance for softball and building up important muscles,” Banks said.

The prospect of prepping an athlete’s body through intensive cardio workouts may seem daunting to some players, but it has positive effects at the end of the day.

Marlee Pope, 12, has played soccer since she was four, and understands the positives to conditioning her body for the upcoming season.

“The more in shape a player is, the more they will stand out, and grab the attention of not only me, but the coach as well. Conditioning allows players to go a longer period of time which helps determine who gets more playing time,” Pope said.

Stefanie Volpe has coached the varsity softball team for nine seasons. To her, conditioning is beneficial to her players.

“Working on our core improves strength, stability, speed, and agility, which are big fundamentals of softball,” Volpe said.

Volpe also requires the girls to show up to conditioning so they know what will be expected of them once the season commences.

“I want to see effort, positive energy, encouragement, and overall improvement,” Volpe said.

Attending conditioning sessions shows an athlete’s dedication to the sport, as well dedication to the teammates they workout with. As a team, everyone is working toward the greater goal: improving themselves before tryouts.

Working hard at conditioning has many advantages. For example, it helps athletes grow stronger and improves their skills in a physical manner. It is also a great way to get back in shape for those athletes who haven’t participated in sports in prior seasons.

The spring season officially begins with tryouts starting on March 15.