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How to prepare for finals

Joshua Segler, Staff Writer

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Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast are essential before taking finals, but as exams approach in these upcoming weeks, some may be surprised that there is much more to to preparing for them than just that.

Furthermore, while it matters if you study, it is very important how you do it. A study by the Association for Psychological Science (APS) found that doing one or two sessions a day is more beneficial for memorizing information opposed to cramming all your studying in one night.

Preparing earlier rather than later can allow for more success because, instead of worrying it about at the last minute, you take in more over time.  

Kelly Boyd, health teacher, knows how hard it is for some kids.

“Review all tests and quizzes. Any topics off your head you can’t seem to define, you should spend most of your time studying those topics,” she said.

According to Boyd, kids who worry are also the ones who tend to blow off studying. She also recommends that you turn off your phone while studying, creating fewer distractions.

The review packets that most teachers give out can also be very useful when studying, giving one the opportunity to go through what is going to be on the exam.

The most important method to study is a method that is the most effective way for you, whether it be highlighting, flashcards, or writing it out.

Hailey Walker, 10, knows that other students struggle and get stressed and worried, but offered her advice from experience.

“Keep your grades up through the year and when finals come around the corner, you won’t be as stressed and worried because it won’t affect your grade as much,” she said.

Midterms take place near the end of January, while final exams take place at the end of June. Exams at each point can make up 15-20 percent of your grade.


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How to prepare for finals