‘Little Women’ chosen for spring musical

Serena Keller, Staff Writer

The upcoming musical Little Women will be performed on April 20-22 in the Farmington High School auditorium and directed by Carrie Ray.

Little Women takes place during the early 1860s. Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy March are four sisters who live in England with their mother. Their father is serving as a chaplain in the Civil War. The four sisters are trying to support themselves through this troubling time.

Little Women shows a lot of strong and iconic female characters who want to be more than just a stay-at-home wives or mothers. They want to do something with their lives; they want to work and make a living like the men did.

Ray, play director, chose Little Women for the musical this year because it was just on Broadway and is also a classic story full of many strong female and male roles.

Angel Gippert, music director, will manage the songs and score. This is Gippert’s first year working in the musical; she is also the current choir teacher at FHS.

Gippert will be leading the songs; along with that, there will be a score. A few songs that will be sung in the musical are an “Operatic Tragedy,” “Better,” “Our Finest Dreams,” “Transition To March Parlor,” and “Letter Underscore.”

Lucy Koviak is choreographing the dance routines with Ameena Khan. Koviak is a former FHS history teacher, and Khan is a current math teacher at FHS.

Lauren Keur, is Ray’s assistant director. Keur is a current English teacher at Harrison High School and has been an assistant director to Ray in past musicals.

Auditions for the musical started on Jan. 11. The cast is rehearsing four times a week. About 60 people including cast and crew will be involved.

“There will be lots of hours and hard work put into this years upcoming musical,” Ray said.

For an even greater appeal, the musical is being promoted through social media and local newspapers; notifications and emails are being sent to parents and people in the district.

Taylor Terry, 12, is one of the students who auditioned for the musical. She has been acting for seven years, dancing for nine years, and singing since she was young. Terry has been in other musicals such as Cinderella, Bye Bye Birdie, and 100 Years of Broadway. Terry is happy to be a part of the musical and have fun.

“I feel a connection to the character Jo March because Jo feels uncomfortable in her own skin and more of a tomboy; I feel similar,” Terry said.