Lost electives equals brand new elective

Sophia Kalakailo, Staff Writer

Crystal Nowka has left FHS and has taken a job at OSTC. All of the classes Nowka taught, such as her life management classes, have been collapsed and are unavailable in this upcoming semester. As a result, Steve Korpusik, history teacher, stepped up to create a new class based on strategic board and card games.

Korpusik’s class will include aspects of many subjects and much strategy. The games have historical backgrounds and may include mathematics while playing. The class will include writing activities, most likely at the end of the week or after playing games as a follow up. Games played during class include Dominion, Ticket to Ride, Guillotine, and many more.

“Three, sometimes four, days a week we’ll be playing board and card games,” said Korpusik. “It’s designed to blend together multiple subject areas.”

The purpose of the class is more than just how to play games, according to Korpusik.

“The general idea of the class is to develop an understanding of how you think and develop strategies,” he said.

The class will be much different than any class here at FHS. It will be focused on subjects that regular academic classes do not address as much such as strategy and thinking as opposed to memorization. Even the classes based on reasoning and logic, such as math classes, do not allow for the application of the skill with a variety of subjects at once, as this new games class is supposed to.

Unfortunately, it is not confirmed that this class will be continued into next year. As of now, the class is only confirmed for next semester. The only students who can take this class are those who need to change their schedules for reasons such as losing an elective originally scheduled for next semester.

Students who are able to take the class this upcoming semester have high hopes. Ellie Gagner, 11, has never had any class other than those that are required or academic until now.

“I’m hoping to get another perspective on what school can be,” said Gagner. “I hope to improve on soft skills that my regular academic classes don’t focus on.”

The students who were originally going to take an elective taught by Nowka next semester have the option to take this new games class, along with several electives that have been brought back such as WWII History and online classes offered through Edgenuity.