Students choose favorite Olympics

Andre Thompson, Staff Writer

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Many of my family members came together to watch Simone Biles perform her gymnastics floor event in front of millions of people. We were nervous for her, but that turned to excitement when she performed her signature flip and won the gold. We were happy for her and anticipated what she would do next at the 2020 Olympics. Many of the other Olympians such as Michael Phelps, Shaun White, Allyson Felix, and Lindsey Vonn push their limits to reach the goal of winning the event. The Summer and Winter Olympics are viewed by millions of fans, but which event is the best?

According to reports from NBC, the Summer Olympics gets a bigger viewership rate with over 30 million viewers while the Winter Olympics receives about 20 million viewers. Jack Higley, 11, agreed what the statistics show.

“I believe that the Summer Olympics are much better than the WInter Olympics because the Summer Olympics are more interesting and eye-catching due to the fact that our favorite sports like basketball, track, and wrestling are a part of this huge event. When I think of the Olympics I instantly think of Michael Phelps due to Phelps being the face of the event based on the many gold medals that he has won in his glorious career,” said Higley.

Higley had high praise for the summer Olympics, but Abel Ilas, 12, who is an experienced skier, thought the complete opposite.

“I’m anticipating the Winter Olympics when they come on TV next month and not the Summer because I believe that Summer Olympics are overrated. People really need to give the Winter Olympics a chance due to the sports are really unpredictable and you never know who going to win,” Ilas said.  

Ilas felt that speed skater, Apolo Ohno, should be the face of the both Olympics due to him being very underappreciated within the Games.

“Apolo Anton Ohno, the best speed skater in the world, has been the greatest Olympian of the winter Olympics. Even though he doesn’t have as many gold medals as Phelps, he is a great performer in a very hard sport,” Ilas said.

The Olympics will broadcast on NBC  next month. Will you be tuning in or will you wait for the Summer Olympics?