Hackbots is about more than just robots

Sarah Ericksen, Staff Writer

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The Robotics team at Farmington, known as Hackbots, has always been a club for people to join, but not a lot is known about it. Most people find out about it from other friends or their middle school. The robotics team meets to make robots that perform in competitions. Though Hackbots has a lot to do with making the robot itself, there are many other parts of Hackbots that people can enjoy.

“Hackbots is for everyone. What many people don’t know is that there are groups that work on business, graphic design, safety management, and strategy so not everyone has to work on the robot strictly.” stated Kayleigh Francis, 12, the team captain.

Another major part of Hackbots is the teamwork and community aspect of it. Nick Terry, 9, said he likes how relatable the people are and finds them “really nice and inclusive.”

Sami Downs, 12, who has been in Hackbots for four years also said she has made many friends and met amazing people through the team. The community is very supportive of each other because in order for the robot to end up working, all teams must come together as one.

“The robotics competitions are about rooting for your own team, but you play each match with two other teams, so it’s always about communicating with other people, making friends, making connections and sharing knowledge and experience with other teams,” Downs said.

With all of the things going on with Hackbots, they need a strong leader that is able to help out as many people as possible.

“Being Captain is a good kind of crazy. There is always something going on because robotics is a year long commitment. Whether it’s planning an event to mentor elementary schoolers and their robotics teams, collecting items for Operation Common Good in our “Giving Bot” drive, or coding multiple robots there is always something that could use guidance, or a couple of extra hands on deck. Being captain is pretty awesome in the sense that you’re able to help out almost every part of the team, as well as unite each unique subgroup. In all honesty I love what I do and wish I could do more,” said Francis.

The Hackbots team has a pre-season kick off in October that people can attend if they are interested in joining.